The mission of the Temecula Yoga Collective is to offer high quality yoga programs and products that inspire, support, and serve personal transformation and spiritual growth.  

We want our community to feel safe and comfortable to expand their perspective, and for people to feel free, relaxed, and authentically themselves.  Our third bottom line is to maintain a healthy level of financial growth so that yoga is accessible, the value of our teachers is honored, and we function as a sustainable organization.

It is our intention to creatively collaborate with other yoga studios and local businesses throughout the Temecula Valley.  We strive to engage in a way that is healthy for the individual, the collective, and the environment.

We operate under a guiding principle of multiple bottom lines where each component is important for a healthy business, and congruency between business and practice is maintained.  The first bottom line is that our service has integrity and contributes to the well being of our students.  Our teachers are dedicated, well trained individuals that embrace this purpose and see the highest potential in their students. Secondly, this is a space where the quality of our lives is enhanced.  The atmosphere is warm and welcoming; it is a “hub” where people are excited to go for what is happening.  Students, teachers, and community come together to mutually support one another’s spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth based on compassion, trust, respect, shared learning, and a healthy sense of humor.

Temecula Yoga Collective is a place that:

  • Contributes to the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical well being of our students, teachers, and community.

  • Offers high quality yoga with skilled, dedicated teachers that embrace our purpose.

  • Provides a welcoming atmosphere where people feel free to be authentic.

  • Serves as an exciting hub in the community.

  • Cultivates mutual support based on compassion, trust, respect, humility, and playfulness.

  • Collaborates with yoga studios and local businesses in the Temecula Valley and beyond.

  • Maintains financial growth so we can continue to serve you.

  • Commits to healthy environmental practices.