Jen received her training at the 500 hour level  from the Sraddha School of Yoga .  Like many people, she used to spend many hours at the local gym. Rarely a day would go by that didn’t start with a dose of cardio, followed by weights and abs. After a while, she realized something was missing…that’s when she discovered yoga. She discovered yoga is much more than a physical practice, it’s a way of life and a very warm, welcoming community. Yoga filled that missing spot in her life with a feeling of calm, a feeling of being complete, a place where you get as much from the students as you do the teachers.  She continues to attend workshops or training when possible, as you never stop learning, never stop being a student.

Jen lives in Murrieta with her husband, daughter and twin boys and spends a lot of time at the local baseball fields and golf courses watching her boys play.  She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, whether it’s a BBQ, poolside or visiting local restaurants.