For over 25 years Karen has been a wellness professional with an emphasis on mind-body disciplines.  In her early career, she worked for an innovative hospital wellness center outside Seattle and the exclusive Golden Door resort. Since 1997, Karen has been dedicated to teaching the pilates method and studied under some of the most renowned pilates teachers. In 1999 Karen founded CenterFocus pilates in Temecula and still today loves helping others experience the positive results pilates elicits. In 2010 Karen was selected as a guest instructor at Cascina Papaveri, a vacation retreat in Piedmont, Italy.

Karen fully enjoys combining two of her passions (pilates and yoga) into one practice. This format embraces both mind-body disciplines and helps students explore how aspects of one discipline can complement the other, and as a whole…improve the quality of life! Karen brings her life-philosophy into her teaching style: “a sense of humor makes every situation better!” 

Karen earned a bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Northern Illinois University in 1987. She is certified with BASI -Body Arts and Science International (Rael Isakowitz) and the Physical Mind Institute (Cathleen Murakami).