• New intro to yoga sessions start Jan 2 with Bautista and Jan 6 with Elissa.  A great way to start off your new years right!

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  • New intro to meditation session starts Jan 7 2015 with David.  Start the new year off right!

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  • Melt Classes Offered Here Three Times a Week!

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  • New intro to yoga sessions start Jan 2 with Bautista and Jan 6 with Elissa.  A great way to start off your new years right!

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  • Restorative YogaPuncture +

    Sunday, 11/16 2:00-4:00pm In this 2-hour workshop Ansley will lead you through a series of supported yoga postures where you Read More
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Thanksgiving Morning PracticeCome join Ashley's Thanksgiving morning practice.  A tradition in and of itself going on 12 years.  Ashley will once again be leading us in her Attitude of Gratititude 6:30am morning practice on Thanksgiving.  You don't want to miss this!  Practice first and have guilt free enjoyment the rest of your day!

Upcoming Events

Acro Yoga Saturdays

Click Image for more info.  This beginner-friendly AcroYoga class will firm up your foundation and empower you to soar into new territory. Each session will introduce new concepts and incorporate them into our practice, with variations that make it accessible for beginners and challenges for experienced bases and flyers.  Every 4th Saturday!

Adam Bauer Kirtan

Click Image for more info.  Adam was blessed to spend many years playing bass in support of sacred chant pioneer Krishna Das, and later with Bhakti Yoga legend Shyamdas, both of whom nourished his love of sacred sound and the yoga of devotion. For the last several years, and especially since Shyamdas’ passing in 2013, Adam has been on the road offering his own voice, teachings and kirtan across America, Canada and India.

Register Here

There's More Going On


Intro to yoga and intro to meditation courses

are offered here regularly.  Start your new year off right with yoga.  Our next round of courses begin Tuesday, January 6 and Friday afternoon, January 2.  Intro to Meditation starts January 7 at a new day and time - Wednesdays at 7:15pm.  Learn more about intro to yoga here and intro to meditation here.  Register for either here.

Reiki Circle

Click image for more info.  Join us for an afternoon of energy sharing. We'll start of with a guided meditation, after which we'll start our Reiki share. You will get a chance to participate and experience Reiki energy, which leaves you feeling energized and rejuvenated. During your mini sessions we'll combine traditional Reiki with Karuna Reiki and vibrational healing, such as Crystal bowls, tuning forks and your voice.  Register Here


Our mission is clear.


"Why we love TYC"

Local Business

Temecala Center for Integrative Medicine"TYC has been a great help to me both individually and for my patients. I find their approach and knowledge of yoga as a healing modality to be very beneficial. I have enjoyed the classes I have attended very much and have never had a better yoga experience. Several of my patients have also had significant improvements in the quality of their health because of the their participation at TYC. I look forward to many more rewarding experiences with TYC."  -- Erik Lundquist, MD Director of Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine




Temecula Yoga Collective Student TestimonialThis community has opened my heart in ways I could have never anticipated.  The TYC is a place where I feel safe to venture out on the "skinny branches," as I explore and expand my perspectives.  The teachers are highly trained, and in their own unique way, validate who I am. Their guidance and inspiration push me to be my best, and provide me with tools to navigate through my every day life, as authentically and openly as I can.  Everyone here is interested in growing and expanding past their boundaries, and it is exciting and inspiring to be around people with that kind of energy!  After class, I always feel less stressed, more grounded and strong, and a lot more knowledgable about anatomy!  Most importantly, TYC honors all the components involved with the organization - the teachers, the students, and the community.  

~Gail Miller





ElissaI love being a teacher @ TYC, more than that I thoroughly enjoy being a collective part of the community.
I remember when the TYC was just a seed, not yet  planted, rooted, or growing....but a dream, an idea....with a vision of many (community) coming together from different life enhancing fields collectively to support each other, learn from, grow with & strengthen not just as individuals, but reaching beyond that to uplift those near, far, known and unknown. It has been a joy to see this fruition take place as well as be a part of it.
I love knowing that I am supported as a teacher, a student, a friend,  whether things are going smooth and graceful or turbulent & challenging.
I love the friendships/ relationships that have been formed in this community and beyond. The sharing of ideas, celebration of successes as well as the subtle/sweet supportive encouragement during struggles. I  am ecstatic to see how the students new to the Collective are welcomed with open arms & open hearts, not just by the teachers and owners but by the kula (yoga community), allowing those unknowing or unsure to feel & know that they are safe, they are home and that they too are part of something even bigger.

~Elissa Marshall, Certified Śraddhā Yoga Teacher


Temecula Yoga Collective


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Our Collective Mission

Temecula Yoga Collective is a place that

  • Contributes to the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical well being of our students, teachers, and community.
  • Offers high quality yoga with skilled, dedicated teachers that embrace our purpose.
  • Provides a welcoming atmosphere where people feel free to be authentic.
  • Serves as an exciting hub in the community.
  • Cultivates mutual support based on compassion, trust, respect, humility, and playfulness.
  • Collaborates with yoga studios and local businesses in the Temecula Valley and beyond.
  • Maintains financial growth so we can continue to serve you.
  • Commits to healthy environmental practices.