Bautista Spears discovered yoga after becoming more tuned in to an optimal healthy lifestyle (mentally, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually) through her decade-long love for nutrition.  After ten years of a dedicated practice with her beloved friend Ashley Fiala and the birth of her daughter, she completed her Śraddhā teacher training and is a certified yoga teacher at the 500 level through the Yoga Alliance accredited Sraddha School of Yoga. 

Bautista’s asana practice led her to the practice of TM meditation in 2008. Through her practice, she connected back to that perfect and divine being within herself, which is the ultimate connection back to the divine source- and discovered that the next step along her path was to share this wonderful gift.  She hopes to help each of her students experience a deeper connection back to that beautiful and divine place within, and also playfully explore their boundaries to support their transformation. Bautista hopes to bring more love and happiness to this very special and beautiful place.  In her spare time, she loves nature hikes, dipping in the ocean, gardening, kirtans and being with her family and friends....oh yeah and eating chocolate with green tea! 

Bautista is also a licensed Esthetician and loves to pamper her clients with rejuvenating treatments.  If you are interested in more information regarding her services, find Bautista on Facebook @ Bautista Spears and keep an eye our for her new website!