At Temecula Yoga Collective, we work consciously to create a culture that nurtures the hearts of our children and supports a joyful family structure.


Our hope is to foster the beautiful spirits of our youth and support the village raising them.  We offer classes for pregnant moms, moms with children, youth from toddler to teen, birthplan discussion groups, and even yoga for fertility.  The family dynamic is an important part of a conscious community, and here at TYC we are creating a welcoming space.

Offerings (Read below for more details)

  • Prenatal Yoga 
  • Yoga for Homeschool (We are a vendor for River Springs and Inspire Charter Schools.)
  • Youth Classes with Simultaneous Adult Classes
  • Toddlers and Mommies
  • We also invite children who are old enough to focus in an adult class, to attend class with you!  Cost will only be $5 for the child when you attend class together.

Prenatal Yoga
A great way to begin yoga as a family.

Wednesdays at 5:30p.m. with Garnet Dublin-Newby

Sundays at 4:00p.m. with Jamie Enfield

(Regular Class Prices apply)

1st and 3rd Thursdays at 9:00a.m.-9:45a.m. with Jeanette ($10) 
For toddlers with a parent. 

Children learn through play and they love to use their imagination. In class we begin to become aware of our yoga bodies by bending and stretching, singing buzzing like bees, roaring like lions, and even blowing bubbles. This is a simple practice where there is no right and wrong. Only being, doing, playing and expressing. Come play!

Yoga For Youth with Jeanette

Yoga helps your children develop strength, flexibility and balance through mindful movement.  Miss Jeanette also inspires creativity through crafts and kids get to experience play and focus without having to worry about being wrong!

Temecula Yoga Collective is honored to be a vendor for River Springs and Inspire Charter Schools. 

Please refer to our class schedule to register.

Wednesdays at 4:00p.m. Ages 4-11 (Simultaneous adult class with Danny)
Thursdays at 4:00p.m. Ages 8-12 (Simultaneous adult class with Brian)