Danny is a dynamic, compassionate, and very musical yoga teacher. He loves uplifting the spirit of everyone around him through yoga and kirtan, as he was able to transform his own pain through the practice of yoga.  Danny found yoga when he and his energy were at an all time low.  After many years of struggle with depression and addiction, he found in yoga his real saving grace.  After his first yoga class he told his closest friends, "I have to teach this!"  Thus life has become a fulfilling joy and wonder for Danny through the practice and teaching of yoga. His bright energy is infectious, and you will find yourself moving and singing with an open (and healed) mind and heart at no time.  

For most of his earlier life, Danny was a rock & roll and jazz musician.  A lull in inspiration came, as depression and addiction zapped his energy.  Later through yoga not only was he able to rekindle his passion for music, but he learned that his Heart could sing loud and clear from a deeper spot than ever experienced before!  Kirtan has become his greatest passion.  He shares from his heart and awakens in everyone the ability to sing, rejoice, and vibrate on a higher and happier note.  

Danny’s yoga classes are fun, dynamic, ever flowing, and well informed.  Alignment and flow are key elements in his teaching as is a deep sense of compassion and caring for his students.  

Over the past ten years, he has been continuously practicing and perfecting his teaching through deep studies in anusara, kundalini, kriya, pranayama and mantra yoga.  He teaches at his studio in beautiful Temecula California.  Danny and his partners offer 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings as well as advanced studies.  He is honored to have amongst his teachers, Arun Deva, Hareesh Wallis, Amy Wheeler, Ashley Fiala, Naren Schreiner.  Danny shares his joy of yoga from the deepest part of his heart. Your own practice and life will be transformed through this week’s  practice of yoga, pranayama, kirtan, and friendship with one of the most positive, true, and high spirited yogis you may ever meet!

To learn more about him catch between classes at Temecula Yoga Collective and get his story! www.facebook.com/emotionaldriver